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LeapTV™ Dance & Learn Educational, Active Video Game Ages 4-7 yrs. Clearance Sale Uk

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Feel the beat and move those feet to nine dancing games that help build early reading skills.

Freestyle freeze

Put the “act" in action verbs! Walk, wiggle, shake and shimmy as characters call out words. Freeze when the music stops!

Dance machine

Wave both arms in the air to make compound words. Complete three new words, and make up an original dance!

Rhyme time

Beat on the drum to complete Doodleburg rhymes. Enough correct answers will earn players a drum solo!

Dance like a dino

Shake, shake! Flap, flap! Listen and mimic the dinosaur's moves to dance to the music. The more matches, the more fun!

Doodle dance

Dance like feathers in the breeze to see a flying feather pattern on screen. Twirl and shake to make the screen come to life.

Banana boogie

Reach up, move around and smack fruits—big and small, green and purple, striped and bumpy—according to adjectives.

Party mix

Play the games in a random sequence, select specific games or customize a set of dances for a dynamic dance party!

Ways to play

Use body motion to dance, twist, twirl and more! Kids can see themselves on TV—no controllers needed.

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  • Compound Words
  • Phonics
  • Sight Words
  • The Alphabet
  • Vocabulary
  • Word Sounds & Rhyme